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Dog jumpimg over the fence or net. Dog exercise. Spring day

Do Dogs Have Periods?

Do female dogs have periods? No, dogs do not have periods. During one stage of the dog's reproductive cycle there is a bloody vaginal discharge that superficially resembles a period.
An anxious mixed breed rescue dog on a blue leash looks guardedly at the camera.

Treats And Medications that Calm Your Dog

Calming dog treats and medications can calm down an anxious dog and help build their confidence to approach new situations without anxiety.
Brown and white boxer dog leaning on balcony as if he's looking outside, barking or howling

How to stop a dog from barking

Dogs bark for many reasons, but the overall reason is communication. You may just want to know how to stop your dog from barking,...
True vaccine reactions are rare in dogs. However, many dogs may experience mild side effects following vaccination for a day or two, including lethargy, soreness at the injection site, a reduced appetite, and/or a low-grade fever. Photo by Nancy Kerns

Dog Behavior Change After Vaccination

Your dog just had his annual wellness exam and earned a clean bill of health. He also received  vaccinations at that visit. Now your...
A black lab sits on its hind legs on an empty wooded trail with fallen autumn leaves, licking its tongue humorously.

Why Dogs Lick Excessively

Dogs may lick their lips in anticipation of food or a tasty treat. However, the behavior can indicate a variety of health issues when it isn't associated with food, a treat, or a reward.

Why Do Dogs Roll on Their Backs?

Dogs rolling on their backs is adorable. Repeated rolling though can be a sign of excessive itchiness that might need veterinary care. Dogs also have a habit of rolling in things their owner's might not care to smell or wash out of their fur.
Boston Terrier puppy wearing a pink harness in a playful bow, like a down dog yoga pose, with a ball at her front paws.

Why Does My Dog Bow?

A play bow at any age is a dog’s attempt to engage in play with you or another dog or, sometimes, even a cat.
Bergamasco sheepdog knocking at window

Stop Your Dog’s Door Scratching

Preventing your dog from scratching your doors starts with understanding why he wants in or out and dealing with those needs. Then you can teach him a better communication method.
Cute couple with cups of coffee in the morning and dog breed Cavalier King Charles Spaniel at home, Dog looks at owners, cozy home morning with pet. Lifestyle in a real interior.

Jealousy Aggression

Dealing with a jealous dog? What to do if your dog seems aggressive out of jealousy.
Socializing Adult Dogs

Aggressive Behavior in Dogs

Canine aggressive behavior can result in euthanasia, often because owners do not know the warning signs of aggression nor understand the causes and do not know how to prevent harm to people or other animals.
Nervous dog sitting by owner's leg

How to Build Confidence in a Fearful Dog

Tips for helping your insecure, fearful, or so-called “submissive” dog gain confidence to improve the quality of her life.
Loving chihuahua dogs

Why Does My Dog Constantly Lick Stuff?

A dog’s relentless licking is most frequently related to pain, illness, or injury, but it also could be his way of exploring the world or just telling you he cares about you.

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Shelter workers are some of the hardest working people who deal with dogs, and we are thankful for all their hard work.