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Adorable sick beagle puppy cuddling with female owner

Home Remedies for a Dog Cough or Cold

A dog coughing should get your attention and not be ignored. Mild coughing can be treated at home, but in more severe cases cough symptoms may progress toward pneumonia and include lethargy, fever, and a loss of appetite.

Whole Dog Journal’s Gear of the Year for 2024

The Whole Dog Journal staff and contributors provide their top picks for the best dog gear to take care of your canine companion this year.
A cute dog waiting for Santa with home made cookies.

Safe Flowers for Dogs

Many flowers and house plants are toxic for dogs. Calla lilies, jade plants, poinsettia, and mistletoe are just a few. Most toxic plants cause vomiting, diarrhea, and/or lethargy, but some can even be fatal when eaten in large quantities.
A cute dog chewing on a hard deer antler that can damage its teeth.

Are Antlers Safe for Dogs?

The biggest risk for dogs from chewing on antlers is broken teeth. Antlers can also splinter and damage a dogs digestive track, or block it.
A beloved senior dog standing by the roadside looking inquisitively at the camera.

Grieving Our Losses

While we all know that the death of an old dog is inevitable, and we may have even told our friends that we’re prepared for it, when death comes, our loss isn’t any less painful or easier to accept.
Woman lying sick on sofa with her dog

Can I Give My Dog COVID?

Research on canine-to-human and canine-to-canine transmission of COVID strains is inconclusive and data is frequently conflicting. Dog and other pet owners should be cautious and look for signs of COVID infection in their pets, and limit contact if they themselves test positive.

Why Do Dogs Roll on Their Backs?

Dogs rolling on their backs is adorable. Repeated rolling though can be a sign of excessive itchiness that might need veterinary care. Dogs also have a habit of rolling in things their owner's might not care to smell or wash out of their fur.
Keeping your dog fit and at a good weight will go a long way toward maintaining his active lifestyle, but arthritic joints are as inevitable for your dog as they are for us, and a good joint supplement can be money well spent. Credit: Tim Platt | Getty Images

What Are the Best Dog Supplements?

Supplements are a big buzzword for dog owners right now. You name the problem, and you can find a nutritional supplement for it. But...
This overweight dog suffers from Cushing’s Syndrome, causing him to experience constant thirst, drink too much water, and have to urinate frequently. Photo by ktaylorg, Getty Images

What is Cushing’s Disease in Dogs

Cushing’s disease in dogs, also known as hyperadrenocorticism (HAC), is a syndrome that occurs when the dog’s body is under the influence of too...
golden retriever puppy in shower

Choosing the Best Shampoo for Puppies

Oatmeal shampoos formulated for dogs are a great option.
Senior pug with a sore ear. Ear mites, allergic otitis media, dirty auricle

Ear Mites in Dogs Treatment

Home remedies for ear mites in dogs might leave you scratching your head.
Dog shaking off water from the pool

Water in Dog’s Ear? No Problem

Get water out of your dog’s ear at home with a cotton ball.

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