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A small brown dog with a large swelling on his elbow.

Dog Elbow Hygromas

A hygroma is a large, fluid-filled lump on a dog’s elbow, or a fluid-filled lump on any bony point on your dog that frequently comes into contact with the ground when he sits or lays down. Elbow hygromas are the most common.
Hungry and impudent basenji dog trying to steal pizza dough on a kitchen bar while being home alone

Symptoms of Pancreatitis in Dogs and Treatment

While there are hundreds of reasons for not eating in dogs, if your dog is not eating, pancreatitis is a possibility, especially if your dog has symptoms of pancreatitis like not eating, vomiting, diarrhea, abdominal pain, and fever.
Hungry dog food with a red empty bowl. High angle view.

What to Give a Dog for an Upset Stomach

The simplest, safest remedy for vomiting is one of the hardest: A 24-hour fast. (Note: This does not apply if your dog is a puppy or diabetic.) Not feeding your dog when he looks at you with those big, beautiful eyes is hard to resist.
Toad Swell on The Lawn After Meeting Siberian Husky

My Dog Ate a Frog (or Was It a Toad?)

If your dog swallows a toad or frog immediately flush the dogs mouth with running water to reduce poison ingestion and contact your vet or poison control.
Cute Maltese puppy dog close up head-shot of the eye detail with typical tear staining around the eye.

Dog Tear Stain Remover: When and What to Use

Dog tear stain removers can remove tear stains. However, tear stains are harmless when they aren't caused by another issue and changes in diet and grooming can also resolve dog tear stains.
Partners doing sport outdoors, men with dog running in the mountains of the Barcelona province doing sport together. Dog in the focus of the picture with owner in the background.

Rabies Symptoms in Dogs

Once rabies symptoms appear in dogs there is no treatment. The only sure defense is the rabies vaccine regularly boosted and kept up to date.
Adorable sick beagle puppy cuddling with female owner

Home Remedies for a Dog Cough or Cold

A dog coughing should get your attention and not be ignored. Mild coughing can be treated at home, but in more severe cases cough symptoms may progress toward pneumonia and include lethargy, fever, and a loss of appetite.
Happy young pet owner consulting with African-American male veterinarian in blue medical scrubs sitting on squats in front of her

How to Find a Vet

Choosing a veterinarian for your dog can be daunting. In addition to location you should consider the vet's knowledge and specialty, costs, and reputation to help you care for your dog through its life.
A cute brown and white mixed breed dog stares at the camera as it lays comfortably on the beach surrounded by beach chairs.

Can Dogs Get Sunburn?

Dogs can get sunburn despite their fur. This is not only uncomfortable for the dog, but can increase their risk of skin cancer the same as it does in humans. Plan to provide sun protection for your pooch during outdoor activities.
A cheerful dog displaying its tongue with pigmented black spots.

Black Spot on Your Dog’s Tongue?

A black spot on a dog's tongue is usually nothing but pigmentation and is completely normal. It's only a cause for concern when these spots have an uneven texture, or are associated with foul odors and sores that you need to be concerned.
A large white dog in harness marked deaf dog pants.

Do They Make Hearing Aids for Dogs?

Hearing aids for dogs are very expensive. custom fit, and require frequent visits to check both fit and settings. Dog vibration collars provide a more affordable and effective way for owners to communicate with their dogs.
A cute dog waiting for Santa with home made cookies.

Safe Flowers for Dogs

Many flowers and house plants are toxic for dogs. Calla lilies, jade plants, poinsettia, and mistletoe are just a few. Most toxic plants cause vomiting, diarrhea, and/or lethargy, but some can even be fatal when eaten in large quantities.

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