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Dental Chews for Dogs: Worth the Hype

And there are veterinarian-recommended chews to choose among.
Woman, with a small dog in her arms cooking at stove while watching recipe on laptop.

Is Bone Broth Good for Dogs?

Yes, it is! Here’s how to make this nutritious superfood for your dog.
Smooth Jack Russell Terrier 11 years old.

Can Dogs Eat Ice?

Many dogs love to chew ice cubes. The habit is usually harmless, but some ice cubes can be hazardous. Here’s how to prevent problems.
Great Pyrenees dog puppy begging for treat

Best Training Treats for Puppies

When using reward-based training methods to train your puppy, you need treats that are truly rewarding!

Pumpkin for Dogs

Pumpkin is good for dogs, including dogs with diarrhea.
pet food storage, the owner pours dry food from the container box into the dog bowl, cat feed

Does Dog Food Expire?

Bigger bags of kibble cost less per pound, but how long does dog food last?
Dog looking at hand holding bowl with dog food

What’s the Ideal Feeding Schedule for Dogs?

A recent study suggested that once-a-day feeding schedule for adult dogs is best, but one of the study authors says the data don’t support a blanket recommendation for all dogs.
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How To Put Weight on a Dog

The best dog food for weight gain is one with a higher calorie count

Air-Dried and Freeze-Dried Raw Diets for Dogs

This category of dog foods is an outgrowth of the “raw diets for dogs” revolution that was sparked in 1993 with the publication of...
Many of these foods are sold directly by the manufacturer, some by subscription. A few of the largest and oldest companies’ products can be found in chain pet supply stores, but the majority of these foods are sold in independent pet supply stores that specialize in premium or “holistic” foods.

Whole Dog Journal’s 2023 Approved Freeze-Dried/Dehydrated Dog Foods

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What Are Dog Lick Mats?

The benefits of a lick mat for a dog include slowing his eating and controlling anxiety and boredom.
Woman is walking with a small cute obedient Jack Russell Terrier dog in the autumn forest

How to Keep a Dog From Eating Everything He Sees

You can stop a dog from eating everything on walks – it takes training and patience.

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Shelter workers are some of the hardest working people who deal with dogs, and we are thankful for all their hard work.